Sunday, 13 March 2016

First Healing Session Autumn 2016

It was a little after 5am, I was awake in the Guest House room that the Church has gifted me for the weekend. I spent a good hour, reminiscing about what had happened a year ago. Today is a big day for me, for thousands of people who are students at the healing school, and for all who are watching today's Healing service from across the globe.

A year ago, in February 2015, I was a student in the first batch at Healing School for the Autumn Session for healing in my body. Today, I testify of my healing to current students! I am healed and for an entire year, I have not been sick at all! Glory to God :-)

My situation was very complicated. It started out in 2006 as just being tired and grew into complicated network of health issues. I was diagnosed with Adrenal Burnout/Adrenal fatigue/Chronic Fatigue syndrome and I began seeing a Homeopath to naturally heal that condition. I started to feel better, but a month down the line, it became complicated. My thyroid started to slow down, the tiredness grew worse. Then the weight started to pile on. It became a challenge to keep to a gym routine. My immune system started to suffer. I would fall sick after one session of gym workout. The sickness would last between two to six weeks.

Eventually I couldn't focus on my studies. I was writing an exam on Commercial Law II and I was studying (2008) I read and re read one paragraph for over four hours and I couldn't comprehend it! I knew I was not stupid, as I had written UNISA exams before this and could comprehend everything. I also had a red eye (right eye) that wouldn't go away. It stayed for six months at a time. I didn't know what was going on.

I went to a doctor this time, who said she feels I was depressed, (because I started crying in her rooms from explaining my ailments) She prescribed anti depressants. I hated the idea, but I took them anyway. I became numb from these pills. Zombified. I had worked hard to come out of that state from 2002 till 2006, and now I was going back in that state. It was heartbreaking for me.

This issue grew into another issue, where the side effects of the anti depressants was loss of appetite. I was not giving my body the nutrition it needed. I stopped the pills on my own without advice from the doctor.

By the time it was 2012, I had gained about 30kgs, and the weight wouldn't go down no matter what I tried. I was spending thousands of Rands on multivitamins (One for immune system, one for thyroid support, one for adrenal support, Flax seed oil, general multivitamin, Antioxidant etc..) The results were livable, it wasn't great, but I could function. I was still tired after having an eight to ten hour sleep. It would feel like I have run a marathon all night. My chest would feel like it's burning from lack of oxygen. A doctor I saw in 2012, inspite of my blood work showing that I had hypothyroidism, prescribed anti depressants! These didn't make me numb, but it made me "not care" about anything, and made me gain more weight, and made me cry and become emotional for very trivial things. I stopped taking them six months later, when I realised I was becoming a person I didn't like, a person who was not true to my soul's blueprint.

I also found out through consultation with  an Ayurvedic doctor, that my digestive system was failing. My body was highly stressed and every function in my body had become complicated.
My blood had become toxic from eating foods that it couldn't tolerate anymore (Wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine). My hormones were imbalanced, and I thought that it was normal to menstruate in clots. The Ayurvedic doctor prescribed remedies for everything that was gone wrong in my body. For six months I was on the medication. It made a difference, but again, I wasn't fully cured.

By 2015, I could see the food I ate in the toilet, it wasn't being absorbed in my body. The waste in the toilet looked like roughly chopped food. I knew this was not normal. Migraine headaches had become too terrible to bear. I would be out of normal functioning for three to four days. No amount of pain killers would help.

The solution to all these problems, was waiting for me at Healing School. After my two weeks there, being soaked in the word of God, and building my faith day in and day out, my final day of healing arrived when Pastor Chris prayed for me on the healing line. All these health issues are gone! Praise and glory be to God. I have lost 10kgs in a year, from time to time, I eat sugar, wheat, and dairy to test my system. I am still working on dropping more weight and toning my body. Smoking and alcohol are bad for me, it's the only thing's that my body doesn't tolerate well (I don't smoke, and I hate it, but when I was upset last year, I smoked for a month). I have no more migraines that leave me useless for three to four days, I no longer have the extreme exhaustion as though I have run a marathon, my menstrual cycle is normal, no clots. No more depression - No matter how challenging life may be, I still laugh and am in good spirits :-) For the past five months due to affordability through unemployment, I was not taking any multivitamins, yet I had the energy and stamina to deal with everyday life, its stresses and challenges, without feeling any strain. I can now drink real coffee without staying awake for two days and two nights with heart palpitations! I can still sleep at night if I have a cup of coffee in the morning. I have not been sick at all for an entire year since Healing School.

Today I testify about my healing and how I have been able to take my health back by faith and God's goodness, in front of thousands of people today, and it will be telecast to many more around the world. I am thankful, I am honored.

My new job is going beautifully well, my business is going to be put on hold for now, but I will work on building it as I intended. In the next month, I move to a new, bigger house, and a few months after that, my son will also leave the nest. Everything is looking good.

Pastor said, that at the right time, the right man will also come into my life. I have trouble accepting this, because I feel I met the right man already last year September. However, free will must be respected, and if someone doesn't want you, you have to let them go. Only God holds the heart of man, and only God can change the heart of man. Like God has restored my health, He will bring who He has chosen for me at the right time, and I will have relationship that I always wanted. I just have to have faith, and not loose hope, I have to stop thinking that I will be alone forever. Must change my thoughts and remember all the work I have done to grow myself into love...:-) Another dream that I had crumpled up and thrown away, was revived this weekend! I will write about later in the week...

God is good all the time!

I went to healing school for health issues, but there is nothing that cannot be healed with God, if you believe and have faith. The challenges may be physical in nature, but we must know it is actually spiritual in nature. All our struggles are spiritual, because we are spiritual beings. For spiritual problems, a spiritual solution is needed. I am not saying do not take medical advice and treatment. Take all the medical advice and treatment needed, but if you are still failing and the doctors reports showing no hope, know that God gives you hope. His report is the final report, not the doctors report.

Blind are able to see, the lame walk again, the barren are blessed with children, and the sick and diseased are healed, demons are driven out. The Healing session is a sight to behold!

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