Friday, 4 November 2016

WCCC Tabernacle Randfontein, South Africa

In our world, there are various types of people, who have various kinds of conditioning toward life, love, and God. People and society condition us - they help us to form our values and our beliefs.

The world is huge not only in it's breadth, width and depth, but also in its dimensions of seen and unseen. 

I experienced life in a rather hard and harsh way. The men in my family, spouses ranging from my great grandmother to my mother, were never present. Either they died young, or left. My mother always said that there was something wrong. Life was not meant to be so hard, so alone, so void of love. I remember her moving from temple to temple, as we were devout Hindus, for a solution, in the belief that with one more ritual for one more God, it would bring peace and love into our home.

I remember fasting for 4 days a week, and my mother and aunt conducting mass community Hindu prayers, and feeding the poor. This was to ease Karma, to do so much good that all the bad karma that we may have, will be evened out, to experience a more happier life. 

It never worked, instead things became worse. There were never any men in our family. We never knew what it was to have a complete family. Now a lot of today's society will say, that it's alright to have a single life. It's more fun, you can do as you please and no need to ask anyone's consent if you needed to go somewhere alone. But the feeling of being unloved and alone through life, becomes depressing.

I always had Jesus as my friend. Even though I was Hindu, without anyone's influence on any teaching, Jesus was my best buddy. I never gave my full dedication to the faith of Christianity at all, even though I was born again in an office at work, with a few women in prayer in 1999. I was left there on my own to figure everything out, and I was most disappointed when I saw that it said if a woman is a divorcee, then she is a sinner. I questioned the teaching that I was exposed to, from certain churches and I never felt welcome. 

In that process, I waddled off to explore Buddhism, and was disappointed when the teaching I received said that I as a human, do not possess a soul. That I am only light, and to achieve the highest form of enlightenment, will be to attain Nirvana, and then there is no death, but just salvation of the highest form. 

No... that didn't feel right either...I felt that my soul's purpose in life was to attain the spiritual lesson and grow - but in Hinduism, it says that my soul is a fully enlightened being and that my purpose here on earth is to align my higher self with my earthly self. It is to draw on my higher self's knowledge and wisdom to deal with situations around me that challenge me. I felt that I was too angry to have dealt with anything, and my temper ran high always, but being a good human, and doing the right thing, was always important than being right.

I dug myself into spiritual growth where there was no religion - just a constant focus on light, on being love and on growth of spirit and soul. Then I found Kabbalah, and I followed the teachings because it felt more like home. 

Eventually, I went back to church, got baptised and things became worse with my mother's health, my finances, (which was already non existent from the start), my job, and I didn't understand what was going on. But now I do. The devil was challenging me on my choice.

We all want to recognise that we are spiritual people, but not all of us recognise that our battles are also spiritual.  Diseases that don't get better or recur with medicines from doctors, sickness that become worse with time instead of healing with time, certain conditions, eczema, asthma etc... that never leave your body are spiritual attacks.  If you believe that your cells in your body die every so often and regenerate, why are they regenerating in an unhealthy fashion? It should be regenerating healthily to give you a healthy body. Many emotional sicknesses are also a form of spiritual attack. 

I learned this, not just from reading books but also by seeing it with my own eyes, three years ago, when I started following the Christ Embassy Church and attended the Healing School. I became fully engrossed in the teachings because it was of a higher level than I have experienced anywhere else. There is a DVD called Spiritual Warfare which I have yet to watch, but the education is there. 

Most will say that perhaps this is brainwash. I would then question other forms of religious teachings too. Are they all also brainwash? If I am an all powerful being, made in the likeness of God, I should be able to heal myself, I should be able to charter my course of life with inner knowing of where I should be. Where does all that wisdom come from? The Holy Spirit for Christians, and the The Great Spirit for some, and for Hindus? The third eye. 

What I am trying to get at, is that I learned why I needed to do battle spiritually. I learned who all lurks out there. I learned the reason for my suffering - and No, it was not all me.  My short temper, my being alone, my anger, my struggle to success, was a spirit husband from the Indian ocean waters in India, the spirit of a Mermaid

My mother was right, that we lived a life which was not normal (i.e non existent happy complete family, only challenges and loneliness) I thought that with going to healing school, I was set free from everything, but it still hung around, because it was huge. 

When I went to healing school again in Jan 2016 for four days before the Night of Bliss all night prayer, it started to manifest, but there was no one to cut it loose. I was being tormented at night in dreams that felt as though it was happening in my bedroom. It was scary.

In February 2016, my Christ Embassy friend, became distressed about my challenges, and we couldn't wait for Healing School which was scheduled for March/April 2016, and introduced me to a Church that focuses on such spiritual / ancestral hold on human life issues. It is called WCCC Tabernacle. Now that I think of it, I had found a drawing in an old lap top case, of the Tabernacle in 2013, perhaps it was a sign that my freedom will be found there...  

On my first visit, I was shocked to see what manifested - the root cause of my entire family's problems was cut off from the roots, which was still in India. It giggled like a demon witch for plus minus 30 minutes before I was set free from it.

The entire process of deliverance was recorded on the live service. 

I was given a sticker to keep on me all the time to prevent and protect me from any night time spiritual attacks. I always wore it in my bra and sometimes I put it under my mattress. 

I have seen many new things in this year and it has shocked me greatly. I had no idea how being bound in ancestral ties can damage the human life journey on this earth, and deprive it of joys and blessings that God has planned for us. To be free from it, one needs to believe and constantly be in the word of God. For if your heart is empty of God and God's word (which alone is a weapon for the devil), then they come back. They love staying in people who don't know the word of God, who don't meditate on the word and who don't believe.

It has taken me a full year in the midst of all these strange phenomena to completely believe and trust in my God and His word. 

 Mostly what I have observed and from experience, these spirits keep you away from success and doing greater good for the world. God has enemies and they use humans to destroy love, peace, success and prosperity of the world as a whole. As the word says, The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but God has come so that we may have a full life.

There is a thing called a Spiritual Husband and a Spiritual Wife. Someone else has written about it and I will share it, as he does justice to describing it.  Basically the spirit of the mermaid, was the source of the spirit husband that plagued my family.

Basically, these spirits want you for themselves and don't allow you to enjoy healthy human relationships and marriage with another person. They take away your successes and finances so that you will be unable to enjoy life and commit in relationship with someone else. It's also a cause of sickness and diseases. They take away your ability to make the world a better place.

The real solution is not as described in the article, it is more accurate to say that with Jesus, no power of darkness can stay in you. There are many churches that claim to heal this kind of situation, but from experience, WCCC Tabernacle, is the true light of Christ to dispel evil permanently.  

The Church is in Brandvlei, Randfontein - watch a few live service videos and see for yourself. Their soul objective is to get couples to live a happily married life, to restore success and prosperity and also, for those who are struggling to find stability in relationship, to free them from any spirit wife, spirit husband and ancestral bondage so that they may find joy in love. With the leader of the Church being a righteous man, the light of Christ shines brightly to clear all things from the kindgom of darkness.

If you feel you needed to hear this, God has given you the answer. Follow through, seek the council of Prophet L.N. Justin at WCCC Tabernacle 

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