Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Night of Bliss

There are various gifts given to us a spirit people, by the Holy Spirit.

Scripture: 1Cor 12:8-11 

This is why each of us are the same yet bear different gifts.

Pastor Chris is one such individual who bears the gift of healing.

Apart from the Healing School Autumn sessions (South Africa) and Summer Sessions (Canada), he holds a Raleigh every once in a while for the people of the world who are not a part of the Christ Embassy Church.

As members of the church, we get to be blessed for healing even through his live seminars broadcast from Lagos.

Personal testimonies are abundant!

I had a problem in 2013 with my left breast, where I couldn't see any visible serious signs of a problem that I should be concerned about, beside a little but very painful pimple. I was concerned at how painful it was but after two weeks the pain vanished, and so did the pimple. In March 2015 after my Healing School graduation, I would feel sharp piercing pains like needles in the same left breast. This time I had scripture to pray with, and had the gift of tongues to fight it.

It would go away, but surface periodically, yet no visible signs of sickness in the breast. In August 2015, at our Communion service, which Pastor Chris also incorporated worship and healing, I literally felt a supernatural intervention in my left breast. Since then, that problem has not resurfaced.

Similar thing happened at the Pastors and Partners Conference in September 2015. I had a strange lower back pain on my left side, and sitting in awkward positions or even turning in bed was a problem. I tried going for a Thai massage but it didn't go away completely. At the conference, in his presence on the Sunday, Pastor gave us the opportunity to heal ourselves with his guidance and prayer. He asked us to call out the sickness and discomfort in our bodies by its name and to put our hands on the place of concern.

I prayed for the back pain, for my astigmatism in my eyes and for my sinuses.

Because of a personal issue that arose shortly after that, I didn't pay attention to any of my ailments, until one day I noticed that I can turn easily in my bed, that I can watch TV without my contact lenses and read subtitles clearly, which I couldn't do before!

The testimonies of healing that I have seen with others, is too many to talk about.

There is a Raleigh of Healing called The Night Of Bliss, which is taking place on the 22 January 2016 at the FNB Stadium. Everyone is invited. It's an all night evening of prayer, worship and healing from 6pm to.6am. If you have a problem that doctors are struggling to give you relief from, or if it is spiritual attacks from the spirits of darkness, then come along.

Remember that we are spirit beings, that sickness and disease are not from God but the devil. Also remember that our struggles on earth are struggles of the Spirit, even our enemies are not fleshly, therefore do not make enemies of the flesh, but know how to deal with the enemies of the of the Spirit with the Word of God.

To register to attend the Night of Bliss, you need to get a reference number. Entry is free.

To register via web: or
To register via SMS: Full names#Province#email to 47157 (cost R2 per SMS)

Date of event: 22 January 2016
Time: 6pm till dawn
Venue: FNB stadium, Johannesburg

Every soul in need of a miracle is welcome.

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Blessed be :-)

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